Making Time

So, I’ve been contemplating signing up for Bonnie Christine’s Surface Pattern Immersion course. I’m very interested, but, let’s face it, the course is a LOT of money for someone like me. I’m not saying that the course would not be worth the money, but just coming up with that amount of money is difficult. 

However, I may still take the plunge. Because of the fact that I am working a full time job and a part time job right now, I think having actual scheduled work would help me to complete the things I need to do to get my surface designs out there. 

I would love to hear what anyone else has to say about the Immersion course.

Making Time For My Own Art

If you, like me, work a full-time job to keep things going, don’t forget to make time for your dreams. Even though I have been working as an arts educator for 21+ years, my dream has always been to work as a full-time artist. My art has changed dramatically over the years, as I am an avid student, and love to learn new techniques and media. In the past several years, I have focused on surface pattern design. This has worked out well for me, because it has been something I can stop and start on, working around my busy schedule. Surface pattern designs also continue to mesmerize me. I always feel such an accomplishment when I finish that seamless repeating pattern. It’s almost like magic!

I would encourage you to find what feels like “magic” to you, and create time to indulge in that activity. Happy creating!

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